It's an important day for the community shop project, as St Mabyn parish council meets this evening to consider if it can help the Community Benefit Society through the period while it waits for formal registration with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Without FCA registration, the CBS cannot open a bank account or raise money by issuing shares. FCA registration is now expected to complete around the end of August/early September.

The steering committee hopes the parish council can help, to ensure that St Mabyn is never without a shop. We are determined to ensure there is no gap in service.

Many residents have pledged to buy shares, and the project is well on the way to its £30,000 target. If all goes according to plan, and if the parish council agrees, the "pop up" shop portacabin could be on site next week.

There will then be a call for volunteers to help prepare the portacabin so that it is ready to open immediately it is needed.