St Mabyn’s community shop project took a huge stride forward last night (Tuesday) when the parish council agreed to facilitate the delivery of the portacabin, possibly as early as next week.

The parish council decision ensures that St Mabyn should never go without a shop. There will be no “gap” in trading after the current shop closes. The community shop steering committee is applying to the Post Office to offer counter services as quickly as possible. Apart from the Post Office, the new shop should be able to open immediately it is needed.

The parish council is also supporting this community initiative with sufficient working capital to help transform the portacabin – subject to sufficient volunteers to help get it into shape.

The shop steering committee is delighted with the parish council’s response, which helps maintain momentum for the project while the Community Benefit Society completes its formal registration procedures with the Financial Conduct Authority.

These procedures are expected to complete around the end of this month, which is when the CBS steering committee will be able to open its own bank account and start turning “pledges” into share capital.

It is not too late to be a shareholder, which gives you a vote in electing the shop management committee. Each share costs £10 but members of the society have only one vote, regardless of how many shares they have.

So watch out for the portacabin arriving on site – and for details about how volunteer carpenters, plumbers, electricians and decorators might be able to help. It is all going to start happening very soon!

Many thanks to Dave Masters for ordering the community shop portacabin - we expect it to be delivered on site on Tuesday 14th August.