P1030716 2A Community Shop could not function at all if it was not for the volunteers. We currently have over 40 local people who are happy to give up some of their time to serve in the shop and thus help to ensure its continuing success. All give customers a friendly welcome and the shop has really become a hub of the community where people pop in not just to buy groceries but to have a chat and generally catch up on what's happening locally. Volunteers all agree that working in the shop has meant they have got to know a much larger number of their neighbours, and all will confirm that they have enjoyed and benefitted from the experience.

A weekly rota is put together by our "Rota Fairy", herself a volunteer. The rota consists of two hour shifts, and some people do one shift a week; others will opt to do two together so stay in the shop for a four hour stint, and others prefer to do two hour shifts at various time in the week, and the Rota Fairy tries her best and usually succeeds in fitting in with people's preferences. For most of the time there will be two volunteers in the shop at any one time, though as people become more confident many are happy to work alone.

We are always happy to hear from anyone who feels they can contribute some of their time to help in this way. The more volunteers we have, the easier it becomes to share the load and fill the rota, and so to ensure that the operation works without missing a beat.

The rota requires an early start to the day, and people doing the first shift of the day start at 7.30 to ensure that the Community Shop is open and ready for business by 8. Similarly at the end of the day there is a range of duties to perform to make sure that the shop runs like clockwork...... which it usually does!

Full training will be provided, including how to handle the takings and operate the cash till. What may at first seem daunting will soon become easier and new volunteers will always be paired up with someone who is experienced and confident in all aspects of the role.

If you feel able to join our team of volunteers, please call in at the shop and make yourself known to us, or use the link below or the contact page to get in touch and ask any questions you may have about the volunteer role. We will be delighted to hear from you and we are sure that you won't regret it!