The St Mabyn Community Shop project is currently led by a small steering committee, elected at a well-attended all-parish meeting on 5 th July 2018. Nearly 80 people attended that meeting. About 110 people attended the previous meeting at the end of May.

Once the Community Benefit Society has been registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, the steering committee will become a full “management committee” and issue shares. For the moment, the steering committee is Neil Embley, Henrietta McLachlan, Ian Kemp, Dave Masters, David Bishop and Graham Smith (acting secretary.) This committee has co-opted Gill Embley for her expertise on running the Post Office side of the business.

The application to be registered as a Community Benefit Society was submitted on 10 th July. It is being “sponsored” by the Plunkett Foundation, specialists in community-owned enterprises. The St Mabyn Community Shop project aims to run in accordance with the model rules devised by the Plunkett Foundation.

So far around 50 individuals have expressed an interest in purchasing shares in the project. Each share costs £10 and there is no limit to the number of shares an individual can own in order to become a member of the Community Benefit Society. But each member has only one vote.

Plunkett Foundation Documents: